New construction project 2025 Boarding house and furnished small offices

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Property description

The planned new building is to be constructed in 2025 and is suitable for various usage concepts due to its multifunctional design.

The currently planned use provides for a small-scale division of fully furnished residential apartments with a rental area of approx. 27 m², which are rented out furnished to short-term tenants for up to 3 months, and 2 caretaker apartments as well as furnished small offices.

Due to the flexible room layout, other commercial uses are also conceivable, such as therapy centres, laboratory or clinic areas, training and education centre, assisted living community for senior citizens, boutique hotel or similar facilities.

The building has two underground parking levels and is accessed via two staircases with a large elevator over all floors.

Hans-Jörg Waltner

Telephone: 02233 – 20 39 31
Fax: 02233 – 20 39 32

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